The RockeTiltometer's Development

Click to view an article on the development of the RockeTiltometer…this device was developed to determine the degree of tilt, or verticality, of a model rocket to aid in optimizing the staging interval and/or to abort staging or air-starts in the event of adverse attitude…

Winner of the NAR Technology Award

Posted on June 21, 2011 by Nick

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) held their annual National Sport Launch on the Lucerne Dry Lake bed in Lucerne Valley on June 10-12, 2011. The event brings people from around the country and is one of the biggest rocket events of the year. One of the main attractions to the event is the winner of the 2011’s High Power Rocketry Technology Award.

The award is giving to a NAR member who has demonstrated an amazing accomplishments or innovation through high-power model rocketry. The nominees are submitted by NAR members and the awards are for accomplishments from the prior year. If just the award was not prestigious enough, the winner takes home a $500 dollar prize.

During the evenings award show, NARPresident Trip Barber presented the 2011 High Power Rocketry Technology Achievement Award to Frank Hermes. Hermes is the mastermind behind the “Altitude-Based Air-Start Ignition Control System for High-Power Rocketry” project which has been featured in ROCKETS Magazine multiple times.

The device, Hermes calls RockeTiltometer, is a product that offers upper-stage ignition inhibition and coast optimization. The capabilities are for multi-staged rocket engines and change with the model rocket’s deviation from vertical orientation during launch. This piece of hardware is credited with helping Steve Eve’s 1:9 scale model of the Saturn V rocket that was launched in April.

This product is loved among many high-powered model rocketeers and is sure to be around for quite awhile. For anyone building their own rocket and using multi-stage rocket engines this is a device that your rocket will need to be fitted with.

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